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Awg Adi's touch of gold

Bandar Seri Begawan

Today we feature Awg Adi's golden ride. This is an Xray T4'19 with the Jazrider Mid Motor Conversion. It is fueled by Sunpadow and all this power is kept under control by a Muchmore ESC. A PowerHD Servo keeps everything in tow. It also has orange wires to go with the theme of the car, that's attention to detail. Awg Adi and his Xray is consistently one of the fastest man-machine combo in Brunei. Do keep an eye out for it the next time it crosses the start-finish line.

Chassis - Xray T4'19 (Jazrider Conversion)

ESC - Muchmore

Motor - RC Passion (Controlled)

Servo - PowerHD

Battery - Sunpadow

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