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Get your M4 Sports today

RC Passion's order of the Sakura M4 is here. Grab yours today for only BND$150. You can find RC Passion's address and the addresses of other Hobby Shops in Brunei here.


After 3RACING released our first M Chassis, we have received a lot of support and feedbacks. There are many drivers looking forward on the AWD M Chassis, therefore let us introduce the M4 to you!

M4 design is combined from our successful series -“SAKURA”; The main base design used the new XS/NU design and then comes with some of the new upgraded Sakura Advance 2K18 features. M4 is specially designed AWD M Chassis for beginners to get into the RC hobby.


  • Adjustable wheelbase from 210 to 225mm; providing wide range of body choices

  • Battery tray components from the new Sakura Advance 2K18, it is compatible with standard and short pack battery.

  • Extended front and rear suspension arms provide better stability.

  • Steering system components from the new Sakura Advance 2K18; it has revised the steering angle moving the CG forward to provides better steering responses.

  • FRP main chassis and upper deck.

  • Stabilization System design comes with stabilizers and the stabilizer mounts which have a positioning system that prevents unnecessary movement of the bar and maintains consistency with each run.

  • New Front and Rear Shock Towers.

  • Front Spool with Replaceable Drive Cups; Race Spec Composite Front Spool with Replaceable Drive Cups from the Sakura Ultimate

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