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Hj Birin races to double win

Hj Birin was in a class of his own on Sunday in Brunei as he raced to the top spot of the podium in both the RC Passion 1/10 EP Touring and Mini FF classes at the Taman Budiman Raceway at Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in Berakas.

Hj Birin receives his winners trophy after piloting his Destiny to the top of the podium of Saturday's RCP 1/10 EP Touring race.

Hj Birin, driving a Destiny kit, put on a strong showing from the get go, acing the qualifying heats to secure the Top Qualifiers position.

He only needed to run in two of the three final heats to secure his win despite facing stiff competition from eventual second and third place finishers Awg Adi (X-Ray) and Brian Lim (Yokomo) respectively.

The day got even better for Hj Birin when he piloted his Gambado to the top of the Mini FF class in a similarly dominating fashion.

Sunday's race was the first held in Brunei since the Covid-19 pandemic. Both classes were run in a blinky spec class with a controlled RC Passion 13.5T motor.

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