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New regulations to improve racing in Brunei

RC Passion will be introducing new regulations in future races as part of their continuous efforts to improve the standards of RC racing in Brunei. The organisers of the on-going RC Passion One Ten EP Series will seek to improve the quality of both the racing and organising aspects of the hobby by putting in place checks and restrictions, in line with those found at international and regional sanctioned events.

They will kick things off in the next race by carrying out motor checks and inspections of the eventual winners and two random selected racers from each main.

Other restrictions such as minimum weight requirements, body shell dimensions and wing height/size will be introduced in stages.

This is done in the hopes of helping our local racers understand what are the mandatory checks, restrictions and requirements done to prepare them for future regional and international races. It is also hoped that the introduction of these checks and rules will help push the hobby in the Sultanate forward.

Your cooperation on this matter is very much appreciated. Any questions or concerns can be directed to RC Passion via the number +673 899 2755.

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