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Personalised tools coming soon

As many of you know, I do not make money off of this website but it requires money to run. As a way to keep the site going, I will be bringing in some personalised tools for sale. This will be limited in numbers and will only cover the cost of this website.

I do not want to take business away from our local hobby shops so I will only be taking just enough orders to fund the yearly cost of the website. I will be using the next few months to test the quality of these tools first and will only take orders once I am happy with the quality.

These are sourced from an established hobby brand based in Hong Kong and they have assured me of the quality of their tools. They come in all handle shapes and colours and have different materials for their drivers. I have ordered the set with the best materials to try them out. I will be bringing them with me to the tracks so take a look at them when you can.

Thank you.

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