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Rnd 4 set for Sunday

The fourth round of the RC Passion EP Touring series will be held on Sunday, December 6th, at the Taman Budiman Raceway in Berakas, Brunei.

Racers will be required to pay an entrance fee of $20 to participate in the event. The race is the fourth of six planned races in the series. In-house transponders will be provided by the organisers and will be required to run the RCP 13.5T controlled motor and ESCs must be set to the blinky mode.

The race may see the introduction of regulatory motor checks carried out by the organisers on the top three finishers and two random drivers of their respective finals.

The race is slated to flag off at 8am and will feature three heats of qualifiers, followed by three heats of mains and finals.

Those interested in joining the race can register or get more information RC Passion by contacting the number +673 899 2755.

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